• IoT Connectivity

    Partnerships that enable the best
    cellular data solutions worldwide

  • Remote Monitoring

    Track and manage critical assets via
    a cloud-based application in real-time

  • Location Based Services
    (LBS) Solution

    Gain real-time location insight
    from GPS tracking devices

  • People Counting Solution

    Support business efficiency by people
    counting and face recognition

+d Build future businesses through co-creation

The use of IoT technology will continue to evolve and grow with 5G networks, and our customers' business will need to be drastically transformed by these developments.

NTT DOCOMO USA provides a wide variety of solutions globally by utilizing the technology of our parent company NTT DOCOMO, Japan's largest telecommunication company, and NTT Group.

Data collection by IoT and value creation by AI are bringing a major change to corporate activities in North America, a global leader in adopting 5G.

By utilizing our knowledge of IoT, 5G and AI, DOCOMO USA works together to solve challenges facing global corporations and supports building future businesses through “co-creation.”